20 Surprising Things You Can Do for Free With FarmLogs

March 15, 2016

If you’re a FarmLogs user, then you already know about our free, made-for-farmers Rainfall Tracking tool. Map your whole farm inside the app, and we’ll send you a notification any time we detect rain on your fields.


Rainfall notification of FarmLogs

"I love being able to check, at a glance, the rainfall amounts we've received on different parts of the farm. It is an accurate, quick, and easy way to get a good handle on the conditions nearby and far away." —Andy W., Alabama

But did you know that there’s a whole lot more you can do with FarmLogs for absolutely no cost?

Our premium tools are incredibly powerful, but we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of our free tools, too! So in this blog post, we’ll share some of the ways growers like you are taking full advantage of FarmLogs Standard, our forever-free set of farm management solutions created just for you.

1. Develop a Marketing Plan 

Crop Marketing is difficult, and the FarmLogs Marketing tool is here to help. See current futures prices and a dashboard view of your farm's financial standing on a total arm, per acre, or per commodity level. You can also see how different prices will impact your breakeven, and track how much grain you've sold and how much you still have left to sell.


2. Get a bird’s-eye view of your fields in one place.

If you’re managing multiple fields across the region (or even within a few miles of each other) you’ll find real value in the Field Mapping feature. In just a few clicks you can tag where your fields are located, draw or input field boundaries, name your fields, and tag the commodities you’re growing there. 

Field Mapping in the FarmLogs app

“Love the aerial views of our fields. The simplicity of the app is very nice. We use it to track all of the fields we farm, manage, and consult for. Would strongly suggest FarmLogs!” —Mike S., Nebraska


Bonus Tip: Use field mapping to help new hands find their way around the farm. Jim H. from Illinois says:  

“My favorite thing last season was how easy it was for my new hired help to find our fields when moving from field to field. He was not familiar with our area.”

3. Track rain and GDD year-to-date totals, and compare this season’s weather to the 10-year average. 

We send you a notification any time we detect rain on your fields. But did you know you can also log into your account to track year-to-date rainfall accumulations and see how those totals compare to the 10-year average? We also track GDD accumulation, year-to-date totals, and the 10-year average.

At a glance, you can determine how this growing season compares to the average.


Rainfall tracking in the FarmLogs app

“Farmlogs allows me to keep accurate rainfall records on a field-by-field basis. The accurate rainfall data helps us know when to initiate irrigation on our farm.”—Bubba S., Mississippi 

4. Free, interactive soil maps will tell you what your fields are made of.

Routine soil samples from your co-op might not capture the full spectrum of variability that exists in each of your fields. Our easy-to-understand, interactive soil maps give you a comprehensive look at exactly what your fields are made of.

“FarmLogs helps us find out where our weak soils are and where we might need to add more or less fertilizer, or where to possibly slow down our seed rates.” —Joe P., Texas 


Bonus Tip: Use the soil maps to determine nutrient plans. AJ L. from North Carolina says:

“I find the mapping feature along with the soil maps to be most helpful. It is quick and helps me when working on nutrient management plans.”



5. Use the soil maps to prospect new fields.

Are you thinking about leasing more acres to farm? Simply add the fields you’re prospecting to your FarmLogs account and you’ll be able to quickly look at the soil to see what kind of growth potential exists there. FarmLogs soil maps also tell you about field erosion, field slopes, and flood potential. 

FarmLogs soil maps

Bonus Tip: Use soil maps to spot field tiling needs. Dana A. from Iowa says:

“FarmLogs has helped me keep an eye on land that I would like to farm in the future. And it has helped demonstrate to our existing landlords the benefits of adding field tile.” 


6. Use your mobile device to create a digital record of field activities from the field.

Many times, your truck is your office. So you need a farm management solution that you can access from the road. That’s where the FarmLogs app comes into play. You’ll have access to your information wherever you go.

“FarmLogs helps us track activities better than we have ever been able to before. Having the mobile app is a huge help too, so we can update things on the go and in the field.”Brad D., Kansas


FarmLogs app on multiple devices


7. Track the crop growth stage of your plants remotely.

Whether crops are still in the early growth stage or quickly approaching maturity, we’ll help you time your application efficiently with continuously-updating growth stage and maturity estimates. 


8. Easily track field activity for streamlined record-keeping.

In just a few clicks, it’s easy to add all of your field activities to your FarmLogs account. Keep a record of activities like irrigating, tilling, planting, spraying, harvesting, and fertilizing. 

Bonus Tip: The data you enter into your FarmLogs farm management account is 100% yours. Read our privacy policy to learn more.

“FarmLogs keeps better track of records and dates. It’s nice to be able to look back and know what day I planted, sprayed, etc... And it’s all at my fingertips.” —Scott K., North Carolina



9. Easily upload and store yield maps in the app.

One big benefit of being a FarmLogs user? The ability to access information about your fields all in one place. By using the Yield Importer feature to add yield files to your FarmLogs account, you can create an even more robust, digital record of field performance.


Yield Data Import in FarmLogs

“My favorite feature is being able to upload yield data directly from my combine to FarmLogs. Almost daily I will pull up yield data from the past season while doing tillage or spraying in that field. It really changes the way you look at the land you farm.” —Wesley P., Texas


10. Turn field files into easy-to-read maps.

Quickly sort, compare, and contrast how your inputs have contributed to crop yield with the Field Data Explorer.  

 Field Data Explorer in FarmLogs



11. Easily keep track of equipment maintenance.

Your equipment is one of your highest-valued business assets. FarmLogs gives you an easy way to keep a record of each machine you rent or own.


Equipmenet Maintenance in FarmLogs

“I started using FarmLogs and comparing it to Climate, and I like how things flow and work with the screens. I also like the machinery section, and how you can place a photo of each machine and track its maintenance.” —Doug R., Iowa

12. Get rid of spreadsheets and logbooks.

At FarmLogs, simplicity is one of our core values. “Never build something complex when simple will do.”  What we hope for? That our easy-to-use tools will help simplify your work day! We believe that if as a grower, you can cut down on the number of tools you use to accomplish a single task (like record-keeping), you’ll have more time to focus on other important tasks.

That said, one big benefit of keeping everything in your FarmLogs account is that you have a single, simple way to keep, organize, and access your records. You’ll also significantly reduce the need for keeping paper records.

“Before we began using FarmLogs everything that we did as far as field inputs and dates was done on a number of spreadsheets. It has helped us relieve the duties of one individual and spread it across our team here at Maple Row Dairy. We have all of our Crop and Shop Teams set up with an account so that if one set of eyes misses something the other set can report it. It has made our spring planting to our fall harvest a lot easier.” —Corey W., Michigan



13. Export your data as a CSV file.

Our users asked for it, and we created it! This free feature allows you to export your fields, crops, activities, input applications, budget, sales, and harvest loads as CSV files.

Bonus Tip: Do you have an idea for a feature that you think FarmLogs is missing? Email your ideas to support@farmlogs.com.


14. Use FarmLogs to keep up with your reports.

Filing for loans, reporting to the FSA office, and working with accountants and other finanacial advisors will be easier than ever before when you're using our new CSV export feature.

“Truly makes life easier, especially if you have to keep records for the department of health and environment!... There's no way I could keep up with government data reports if it weren't for FarmLogs!”Tori P., Kansas 



15. Add multiple account users and give them restricted or unlimited access to your account.

Adding people in FarmLogs


An account with FarmLogs is one of the best ways to keep everyone on your farm connected. There are four levels of access you can assign to account users:

Admins: These users have full access to your entire FarmLogs account, including the financial data you enter.

Managers: Users with Manager access have full access to everything except financial data.

Contributors: Contributors can log in and record activities but cannot see financial data.

No Access: Admins, Managers, and Contributors can see a list of names you don’t want to have access to your account. These people cannot view your FarmLogs account, but other users can still record activities for names on the No Access list.


16. Take GPS-tagged field notes while you’re out scouting.

If you’ve got a mobile device, scouting just got a whole lot easier. Take your phone or tablet into the field and log notes directly into the app. You can also take photos and attach them to your note for even better record-keeping.

 Scouting & Notes in the FarmLogs app

“FarmLogs helps me organize my scouting notes. I can log scouting notes on the iPhone app and access them online anywhere.”Mark J., Kansas


Bonus Tip: Whenever you're walking a field, a GPS marker will appear in the FarmLogs app to show you where you're at in that field. This little feature comes in handy when corn is tall, and you can no longer see the visual landmarks that usually guide your journey. 




17. Share field and scouting notes with other account users.

In addition to sharing financial data and activity records with other account users, you can also share field notes. Warn new and familiar faces about areas of the field that they should avoid or pay special attention to.

“As a farm manager for a 6,000 acre farm in Texas, it's extremely helpful to be able to mark directly on our field maps and easily share information with farm hands about potential washouts, power lines, and other hazards.”  —Luke R., Texas


18. Share your fields with service providers, custom applicators, or other partners with FarmLogs accounts.

You can now share information about your fields with service providers, custom workers, and other partners who have FarmLogs accounts. People from the organizations you choose to share fields with can see rainfall, soil, yield, and activity on those fields.

Bonus Tip: When you share a field with another FarmLogs account, users of that account won't be able to edit your fields or log activities on your fields.



19. Print maps of your fields.

If you’re unable to share fields with service providers and custom workers because they don’t have a FarmLogs account, don’t worry! We make it easy to print maps of each of your fields.


Print your fields from the FarmLogs app!

“FarmLogs has been great for keeping records of daily activities. Being able to print maps for fertilizer spreader is also great.”William E., Missouri

Bonus Tip: The printing function also makes it easy to keep up with your government reporting.


20. Unlimited access to responsive and friendly customer support.

Some apps make you upgrade your account to get access to the customer support team. Not FarmLogs. We have a full-time Customer Happiness team that exists to answer your questions and make sure you’re getting the most out of our free and premium tools.

If you ever have a question about the app, check out our support page. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Send us an email! In 2015, our Customer Happiness team had a 97% customer satisfaction rating.




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Ashley Rutter


Ashley Rutter is the Content Marketing Writer at FarmLogs.