8 Free Features That Will Change the Way You Harvest

Written by Ashley Rutter
September 23, 2016

This harvest we want to make sure you're getting the most out of your free FarmLogs Standard account. Read ahead to discover the features we think you’ll find particularly useful in the weeks and months to come.  

1. Easily create digital harvest records while you're still in the field. 

Once you've downloaded our app (available for iPhone and Android devices) the Activity Tracking feature makes it easy to log harvest activities in your account while you're still in the combine! You can also log activities for irrigating, tilling, planting, spraying, and fertilizing.



“I've really appreciated FarmLogs the last several years. Truly makes life easier, especially if you have to keep records for the department of health and environment! Accuracy and consistency are vital!” —Tori P., Kansas
The logged activity automatically records the day's date, weather, and wind speed, but you have the option to add details like the equipment and implements you used, fuel costs, and more.




2. Use Rainfall Tracking to determine which fields you can safely run your equipment through.

The Rainfall Tracking feature in FarmLogs Standard sends you a notification any time we detect rain on your fields. It's a great way to know which fields are workable, and which aren't. 


In addition to receiving email alerts, you can also log into your account to track year-to-date rainfall accumulations and see how those totals compare to the 10-year average.


"The rainfall tracker is a phenomenal tool. It has saved a lot of  time driving around to check if it has rained in areas where we need to be [in the field]. I can look at the app and determine which direction I need to go."  —John T., Michigan

3. Take GPS-tagged field notes while you’re still in the tractor or combine.

If you’ve got a mobile device with the FarmLogs app installed, you can take your phone or tablet into the field and log notes directly into the app. You can also take photos and attach them to your note for even better record-keeping.


“As a farm manager for a 6,000 acre farm in Texas, it's extremely helpful to be able to mark directly on our field maps and easily share information with farm hands about potential washouts, power lines, and other hazards.”  —Luke R., Texas  



4. Easily keep track of your harvest delivery and storage dates.

Monitor the movement of your grain with ease using our Loads feature. See and view transaction history as you move grain from the field, into storage, and to the buyer.




First, choose where the grain is coming from. A field or a bin? Then, choose where it's going: a bin or a buyer? When you log a load and indicate it's going to a buyer, FarmLogs autopopulates a list of local buyers in the area to choose from to make it easier to track your information. 


You can add additional details to each load ticket, including bu/acre price and moisture content.   



5. Monitor how much storage space you have available.

Whether you own your bins or rent them, it's easy to keep an eye on how much space you have available with the FarmLogs storage tool. 



"I stumbled upon FarmLogs when I was trying to find an app that would allow me to track how much grain we store in our bins. When I found FarmLogs I got more than I was looking for and decided this was the program we have needed all along to help us track everything we do in farming." —Jill L., Colorado 

6. See interactive yield maps any time you log into your account. 

One big benefit of being a FarmLogs user? The ability to access information about your fields all in one place. By using the Yield Data Import feature to add yield files to your FarmLogs account, you can create an even more robust, digital record of field performance. 



Our maps were built to help you see how many bushels each area of the field has produced, and to quickly discover which areas of the field performed the best.

“My favorite feature is being able to upload yield data directly from my combine to FarmLogs. Almost daily I will pull up yield data from the past season while doing tillage or spraying in that field. It really changes the way you look at the land you farm.” —Wesley P., Texas

7. Export your data as a CSV file.

Our users asked for it, and we created it! This free feature allows you to export your fields, crops, and harvest activities as CSV files, making it easier to file reports and insurance claims. 

“There's no way I could keep up with government data reports of it weren't for FarmLogs!” —Tori P., Kansas

8. Take advantage of unlimited access to friendly customer support.

Some apps make you upgrade your account to get access to the customer support team. Not FarmLogs. We have a full-time Customer Happiness team that exists to answer your questions and make sure you’re getting the most out of our free and premium tools.

"Customer service is phenomenal." —Jessica B., Nebraska 


If you ever have a question about the app, check out our support page. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Send us an email! In 2015, our Customer Happiness team had a 97% customer satisfaction rating.




Ashley Rutter


Ashley Rutter is the Content Marketing Writer at FarmLogs.