Case Study: Why This Grower Says FarmLogs Helped Him Add 5-10 Bushels/Acre to His Test Fields

April 08, 2016

Note that in this study, Corey spent five years developing his own successful variable rate nitrogen program. That he was able to yield an additional 5-10 bu/acre with FarmLogs Variable Rate Prescriptions is a testament to the power of the tool.  

Corey Holmes knows variable rate nitrogen practices pay off.

Since 2010, he’s been developing and fine-tuning a nitrogen management program for his mostly continuous corn operation. In an effort to increase yield and reduce input costs, he eliminated fall nitrogen applications, and began to implement hand-calculated, variable-rate sidedress applications of anhydrous ammonia.

After a two-year test period, he began to see a real return on his efforts: on average, his yield increased by 15 bushels/acre, and he saw a 10% drop in total nitrogen usage.  

But as he refined his system, he wanted to know if there were any new variable rate tools that could help him get even more from his fields.

That’s when he decided to try using FarmLogs Variable Rate Nitrogen Prescriptions on his test fields. With the prescriptions, farmers develop customized N prescriptions for each field with the push of a button.

The result? FarmLogs prescriptions added an estimated 5-10 bushels/acre to yields on his test fields in addition to the increased yield he saw from his own variable rate program.

In addition to the perk of increasing yield with the push of a button, Corey says:  “What makes [FarmLogs N prescriptions] nice is that it keeps track of weather, so you know what is happening to nitrogen prior to side-dressing and throughout the growing season.”

Read more about Corey’s experience with FarmLogs prescriptions in this Corn + Soybean Digest online article.

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Ashley Rutter


Ashley Rutter is the Content Marketing Writer at FarmLogs.