How does each management decision affect your bottom line?

February 16, 2017

We've spent the past year learning from growers all across the country. We visited your farms, brought you to our office, spoke to you every day, and consistently heard one thing: it's too difficult to understand exactly how each and every management decision you make affects your bottom line.

With rising costs of production, volatile crop prices, and increased international competition, American farmers need to use every piece of information available to them to make the changes and decisions necessary to improve their profits.

After listening to your feedback and concerns, we took a look at our products. In doing so, we saw that we had business tools that helped you streamline your record keeping, and we saw that we provided great agronomic insights, but the two just weren’t connected enough. And based on your feedback, we knew that for you to really be efficient and more profitable, those two things need to be combined. 

Starting this year, we are bringing the agronomic insights and the business tools together, providing you with the tools you need to evaluate every decision you make to run a more profitable farm.

Listening to you means building products you need. It also means packaging them in a way that makes the most sense for your farm. Every farm is different, and to help you focus on solving the problem that matters most to you, we’ve created a new lineup of farm management tools and packages that every farmer can benefit from—no matter what you grow, or where you grow it.

Some of the New Products for 2017


Make field decisions based on what will contribute to your bottom line. 
Crop & Profit Planner
The Crop & Profit Planner goes far beyond anything we’ve ever done before. It not only assists with budgeting, so you can know your cost of production and estimated profit margins on a per-field, per-acre basis, but also helps you tie every in-season decision back to your original plan, giving you real time feedback on your profitability.

Crop & Profit Planner is part of FarmLogs Operations Manager »



Get independent analysis on how your fields performed by zone, input, and more.


Field Data Explorer allows you to view side-by-side maps of the various data layers of your fields, enabling you to see how factors like soil variability, crop health threats, and prescriptions affect your yield. To put it simply, Field Data Explorer provides insight that you can use to make even more informed choices about how to manage your fields. You can access Field Data Explorer by clicking a soil map, Crop Health map, or yield map for any field while using FarmLogs on the web.

Field Data Explorer is part of FarmLogs Standard—see it for yourself now » 


How does each management decision affect your bottom line?

Kelsey Cohen, Director of Marketing


Kelsey Cohen, Director of Marketing