How FarmLogs Will Deliver More Crop Health Imagery to U.S. Farmers

March 07, 2017

Our vision for FarmLogs Crop Health Imagery was simple: to create an easier, more effective way for you to scout your fields. Now, with access to 10 times the number of satellites we had last year, we’ll be able to provide growers with even more in-season imagery.



FarmLogs and Planet

When the idea for Crop Health Imagery was born, we knew we’d need access to a large amount of data from a satellite provider. That’s when we discovered Planet, a company founded by a group of ex-NASA engineers whose mission was to image the entirety of earth’s landmass every day. When we partnered with Planet in 2015, we had access to 5 satellites, and were able to provide 2-3 images a month to growers in the 2016 season. We spent the past year collecting feedback and consistently heard from our growers that they wanted more imagery. We’ve listened to that feedback and are excited to announce that FarmLogs will now have access to 50 satellites with the launching of Planet’s Doves.



What are Doves?

Doves are Planet’s name for the 88 small satellites that were recently launched into orbit. The Doves make up the world’s largest constellation of satellites, capturing images at a 3-5 meter resolution while orbiting the earth at a rate of 16 times per 24-hour period. These satellites are groundbreaking to the industry as one of the smallest and most affordable to create; weighing only 10 pounds and measuring 4 x 4 x 12 inches. You can read more about Doves, Planet, and their partnership with FarmLogs in this article from The Progressive Farmer.

What this mean for our growers

With the launching of Planet’s new Doves, FarmLogs will be going from 5 to 50 satellites, and will be able to provide growers with a higher frequency of images for the 2017 growing season. Find out more about how FarmLogs uses satellites to create Crop Health Imagery in our other blog posts.


FarmLogs Crop Health Imagery

Rachel Nizinski, Marketing Coordinator


Rachel Nizinski, Marketing Coordinator