An Incredibly Easy Way to Keep Records Of Work On the Farm

May 17, 2016

To show you how easy it is to incorporate FarmLogs technology into your operation, we've created a video that highlights Automatic Activity Recording, a tool in the FarmLogs app that automatically creates detailed, accurate records of all your in-field activities.

Automatic Activity Recording is an ideal tool for any grower who needs good records, but hates spending time on paperwork.

Check out the video! Then keep on scrolling to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the video was created, and to learn more about the farm where we filmed.



 The Making Of: On the Farm in Illinois corey-holmes.jpg

This is Corey Holmes (above), owner of Holmes Farms in Springfield, Illinois. Corey's been a long-time FarmLogs user (you can read about his experience with FarmLogs Variable Rate Prescriptions here), and was gracious enough to let us film on the farm for a day.


The Holmes operation is a large one. Just as important as a wrench in his shop, Corey says that the FarmLogs platform serves as an everyday tool on his farm. Crop Health Imagery gives him access to in-season satellite imagery for each of his fields, and Crop Health Alerts notify him when it detects yield threats; Nitrogen Monitoring tells him what his nitrogen levels are throughout the growing season; FarmLogs Variable Rate Prescriptions give him the ability to create nitrogen and seeding prescriptions with the push of a button; and Automatic Activity Recording automatically creates detailed, accurate records of any activity that's being performed in the field.


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Automatic Activity Recording is particularly useful as a feedback tool for managers and owners; simply log into the app to find out who did what, where they did it, and when. In this case, Zach (above), an employee who's been working for Corey for ten years, was set to put seed in the ground on the day we were filming. 

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Zach (center) also graciously agreed to let Snowday, the film crew, and the FarmLogs gang shadow him for the day. If it weren't for Zach being willing to share space in the cab, we wouldn't have captured some of the amazing footage we got. Thanks again, Zach!



This wasn't FarmLogs' first project with the guys from Snowday, who also filmed our short tribute film to farmers. That's Roddy (kneeling) with the camera, and Avery (standing) holding the sound boom. They admire the work of our growers, and aren't afraid to get dust in their equipment if it means capturing farmers doing what they do best. 




One cool thing about this project? Snowday called in a local drone operator to help us capture some of the the beautiful aerial footage you see in the video. 




By connecting a tablet to the drone's remote control, Jack, the drone operator, was able to see what the drone was seeing and capture the exact footage we were looking for.



When the drone took flight, we were all excited about the footage we were going to get, and the video we would be able to create.

It ended up being a perfect day to plant. To Corey and his team: thanks again for inviting us to film on your farm. It's always a pleasure to get out of the office and get our feet in the dirt. 

At FarmLogs, we believe that ag technology should simplify the business of farming, not complicate it.

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Ashley Rutter


Ashley Rutter is the Content Marketing Writer at FarmLogs.