How to Scout Smarter: A FarmLogs Success Story

February 22, 2016

Satellite imagery can be used to detect subtle damages to corn and soybean leaves at a resolution finer than most people’s combines can detect yield differences. FarmLogs Crop Health Alerts utilizes historical and in-season satellite imagery to pinpoint areas in our users’ fields to help them find problem spots, including insect problems.

Zac Yoder, a FarmLogs user, relies on Crop Health Alerts, included with FarmLogs Crop Manager, to help scout his fields.

And it’s a good thing: last July he received an automatic crop health alert from FarmLogs, which helped him discover and address a grasshopper infestation that could have done serious damage. 

Corn and Bean Digest recently covered Zac’s success with the FarmLogs app.

Read Zach’s full Crop Health Monitoring story in this Corn and Bean Digest article: “Crop Scouting with Satellites and Smartphones.”

In the article, Zac's circumstances are described in this way:

“The Yoders had been expecting grasshoppers based on activity to the south. With prevailing winds from the southwest, that’s the corner of fields they typically check for infestations. 

‘The alert was on the southeast side of the field,’ says Yoder. ‘We might have missed how bad the grasshoppers were because we were checking the wrong spot.’” 



After Zac used the app to discover the grasshopper infestation, he later received an alert that led to the discovery of a potential sulfur deficiency.

Read Zac’s full Crop Health Alerts story in this Corn and Bean Digest article: “Crop Scouting with Satellites and Smartphones.”


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Ashley Rutter


Ashley Rutter is the Content Marketing Writer at FarmLogs.