How to Spot Low Applicator Pressure Issues with Satellite Imagery

June 24, 2016


All FarmLogs Crop Manager users recieve historical and in-season Crop Health Imagery for each of their fields throughout the growing season. We recommend monitoring Crop Health Imagery throughout the growing season to see if any equipment-related, yield-suppressing patterns emerge.

In the image below, the light green streaks represent low vegetation; dark green areas represent high vegetation.

Notice the light green checker pattern near the waterways and the edge of field.  This pattern can be caused from driving before the pressure is high enough in the applicator, and can subsequently result in yield loss.


What else can you find with satellite imagery? 

In addition to seeing uneven nitrogen application from satellite imagery, you can also spot things like:

  • Planter configuration problems
  • Herbicide injury
  • Moisture and equipment-related stress
  • And more!

Want to see even more examples of real life field problems you can spot from the sky? Download our free report here! 

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Ashley Rutter


Ashley Rutter is the Content Marketing Writer at FarmLogs.