The 2015 FarmLogs User Conference: A Photo Recap

January 20, 2016


n December 10, 2015, FarmLogs hosted its first-ever FarmLogs User Conference in Orlando, Florida. 

It was a success. We welcomed growers from seventy-nine different farms hailing from 24 states and two countries. Over the course of two and a half days, we talked about the future of farming while sharing meals, enjoying cocktails, and refueling with coffee breaks. And of course, we heard from some of the leading voices in the ag-tech industry as they discussed current trends and future technologies.

If you weren't able to make the conference this year, don't worry! We captured some of the highlights in the photos below.

For those who did attend, thanks again for spending a few days with us! And for us letting us take your photos. :) 



Meet Brad, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of FarmLogs. He manned the registration table on day 1 and greeted users as they signed in. 



During registration the Customer Happiness team was on standby to field questions from our growers about the app and to offer tips and tricks on how to get the most out of each FarmLogs tool.



More one-on-one support from our Customer Happiness Team. Hilary (left) and this grower had worked together via phone and email support in the past, so this was a great opportunity for them to meet in person and match faces with names.



We love swag, and so do our users! All User Conference attendees walked away from the registration area with some of our favorites, including FarmLogs hats and t-shirts.



More swag! And yes, those are FarmLogs baby onesies she's looking through. Got to have our little growers representing FarmLogs, too!


Day 1 was all about getting to know our farmers. So not soon after registration, we kicked off the event with dinner and a welcome reception. When it comes to meal time at FarmLogs, we pull out all the stops. A handful of chefs manned various stations and served us a diverse range of hearty cuisine. 



Of course, what's a good meal without a cold beverage to go along with it?



Ready, set, go! This attendee is off to a great start. Beverage in hand, he's cruising the dinner stations in order to build a perfect plate of deliciousness. 



A peak inside the dining room. Anyone who attended will certainly remember the green lights that persisted throughout the conference. 



After dinner, the party didn't end! Folks stuck around to share stories and trade anecdotes. 



Abdullah Haydar, VP of Engineering, stuck around after dinner, too. Here he's checking out this grower's account to troubleshoot through a problem. 



We loved this couple! In fact, we loved all the husband-wife grower teams who were able to attend the event. In this case, Matthew works the fields and Carol manages the office—including their FarmLogs account! 



The next morning, Jesse Vollmar, CEO and Co-Founder of FarmLogs took the stage to say a few words about the day's events. 



Up next, Senior Agronomist Dr. Tracy Blackmer and John Shriver, Director of Data Science, talk about how satellite imagery can be used to catch yield threats. Pictured above, Dr. Blackmer, who has over 20 years of experience incorporating precision ag technologies in agronomic management for growers. 



Pictured above, John Shriver, standing in front of a full house! John Shriver is an Applied Scientist experienced in using satellite imagery and geospatial data to create easy-to-understand, actionable insights for farmers. His work as Lead Data Scientist at FarmLogs led to the development of our state-of-the-art Crop Health Monitoring alerts.



We not only had a full house but a fully-engaged house! We couldn't have asked for anything more.



Breaks between sessions to refuel on coffee and snacks gave our users the perfect chance to connect and discuss the day's sessions. 





Thanks for posing for the camera, guys!




On the way back into the conference room to see the next speaker!



Next on the stage: Dr. Raj Khosla. Dr. Raj has many credits to his name, but here are just a few: he's an American Society of Agronomy Fellow, a Soil Science Society of America Fellow, and a Soil and Water Conservation Society Fellow. He's also the founder and the founding-president of International Society of Precision Agriculture.



One thing we loved about this year's speakers was their willingness to stick around and hang out with attendees after their sessions. Dr. Raj spoke about precision agriculture, and these growers were able to follow up with him after his talk to get more of their questions answered. 



Next up: lunch! But first a quick thank-you to our Platinum Sponsor—Ford Trucks

who not only sponsored part of the conference, but who sponsored the day's lunch out on the veranda. 



It was a perfect day to sit outside and enjoy some iced tea, burgers from the grill, and the Florida sun! 




Another husband-and-wife farming duo. Adorable, areweright? 



What's that in the background? One of two trucks that Ford offered to put on the property so our growers could check out some of their latest innovations. 


IMG_1611.jpgA farmer favorite with a few new twists: the 2015 Ford F150



And this bad boy? A prototype of the Ford 2016 Super Duty. We love shiny new toys as much as the next guy/gal, so this was a real pleasure to have on site for our growers.


IMG_1667.jpgAfter lunch it was time to hear from our keynote speaker. The first few speakers made for some tough acts to follow, but Kevin Van Trump of The VanTrump Report did not disappoint. 


IMG_4762-1.jpgHe kept us on our toes by covering a diverse spectrum of factors that have influenced and will continue to influence the current commodities markert. 



And lucky for us, he also stuck around to mingle with growers after his speech.



After hearing from Kevin, we heard directly from some of our very own FarmLogs users. This session was called "Keeping Our Users a the Heart of FarmLogs: A Fireside Chat with Farmers." It was hosted by Heidi Craun, Director of the FarmLogs Customer Happiness team.



Each grower had the chance to talk about their experience with the FarmLogs app.






IMG_4941.jpgThe last expert to take the stage was Dr. Scott Shearer, Professor & Chair of The Ohio State University Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering. His talk was called "Sensor Densification and Data Analytics in Agriculture: Opportunities Today and in the Future."





We couldn't end the day without a final thank you from Jesse, and one last announcement: the 2016 Future of FarmLogs Reveal...



...which came from Jon Leitner, VP of Sales and Marketing at FarmLogs. He got behind the mic to introduce FarmLogs Advantage and FarmLogs Variable Rate Prescriptions: a new line of powerful, never-before-seen tools that our User Conference attendees got to hear about first. 



After the announcement, attendees were in good spirits and excited about the impact the new FarmLogs tools will have on their farms and the future of farming in general! 



As far as last-night-of-conferences go, this one was pretty stellar if we do say so ourselves! We joined together with our growers one final time to enjoy dinner outside by the pool. We ate, drank, and mingled with new friends under the stars and amidst the palm trees. 






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Ashley Rutter


Ashley Rutter is the Content Marketing Writer at FarmLogs.