What Does Uneven Nitrogen Application Look Like From Space?

June 10, 2016

As a FarmLogs Crop Manager user, you'll have access to Crop Health Imagery for each of your fields. This includes in-season satellte imagery of your fields and images from previous seasons.  

Satellite imagery can be a powerful, in-season management feedback tool for farmers, because it offers a view of your fields that can only be found from the sky.

What farmers are finding

When Clint Diggs reviewed his FarmLogs satellite imagery from last season, he says he found a man-made application error that will go on to save him an estimated $16,000.

In this image, you can see white, vertical streaking that was caused by an uneven nitrogen application from Clint's sprayer. He says it cost him 20 bushels per acre in 15-foot-strips every 100 feet. 

Uneven N Application


Other examples of nitrogen stress that can be detected with FarmLogs Crop Health Imagery

In the image below, the light red color on the right side (example 2) indicates a nitrogen deficiency. The farmer of this field went out to scout the problem and confirmed a nitrogen deficieny in that area. 

Nitrogen Deficiency


Do you see the short, slightly curved streaks in the middle of the image below? The farmer of this field confirmed that they were caused by a lack of nitrogen put down near a waterway.

Nitrogen Deficiency


In the image below, the results of an uneven nitrogen application can be seen by looking at the three small streaks that run at a slight angle to the planted rows (example 2).

Uneven Nitrogen Application


In addition to seeing nitrogen stress from satellite imagery, you can also spot things like:

  • Planter configuration problems
  • Herbicide injury
  • Moisture and equipment-related stress
  • And more!

Want to see even more examples of real life field problems you can spot from the sky? Download our free report here! 


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Rachel Nizinski, Marketing Coordinator


Rachel Nizinski, Marketing Coordinator