What Farmers Are Discovering with Crop Health Alerts

June 21, 2016

As a FarmLogs Crop Manager user, you'll automatically receive a Crop Health Alert when a problem is spotted in one of your fields.


This is an example of a Crop Health Alert. 

The app monitors the health of your crop against a baseline of how your field typically performs. Your field’s baseline accounts for every 5 square meters of the field (with a 5-meter resolution) and is calculated by using historical satellite imagery and data that dates back to 2009. An alert is only sent to you when something irregular appears in this season’s imagery (i.e., something that has typically not appeared in the previous 6 years of imagery).

What Kind of Problem Will Trigger a Crop Health Alert? 

Find out in the short video below. 

You can watch all of John's full presentation (18 minutes) on the value of FarmLogs satellite imagery henre.  

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Ashley Rutter


Ashley Rutter is the Content Marketing Writer at FarmLogs.